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Example service fees on a $10 ticket:




Our Pricing

100% FREE for events.
All fees can always be completely passed on to the ticket purchaser.

With SoccerStub, we don’t stick you with huge per-ticket fees, monthly costs, or annual contracts. What you see is what you get: just one low service fee, and industry standard payment processing costs. And every penny can be passed on to the ticket purchaser.

Online Service Fees (In-Person = FREE!)

  • 2.0%
    Per Transaction
  • $0.0
    Per Item
  • $0.00
    Monthly Fees
  • $0.00
    Annual Fees
  • $0.00
    Add-On Fees

And you’ll NEVER be locked into a contract. Ever.
(We want to earn your business!)

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Curious what it would cost at your ticket price? Choose your price….

On four $10 tickets, your customer would pay these service fees:

On four $20 tickets, your customer would see these service fees:

On four $30 tickets, your customer would pay these service fees:


Lightning Fast Payments Included

We’re the payment processor too, which allows us to charge through low payment processing rates of 2.75% & $0.30/transaction (less than Paypal and Stripe), AND get you your money super fast. Unlike other providers who make you wait until your event is OVER to send you your money, we direct deposit every sale right into your bank account in 1-2 business days from every transaction. That is FAST.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We charge a service fee and industry standard payment processing costs through on every credit or debit card transaction. For online transactions our service fee is 2.5% & $0.50 per item, and for at-the-door transactions the service fee is ZERO. Payment processing costs on both are 2.75% & $0.30 per transaction (the same as Stripe and Paypal). In both cases you can pass the entire service fee on to the ticket purchaser so you effectively pay nothing! Beyond that, we never have any monthly fees or annual contracts to worry about.

Sure! Let’s say you sell a $50 ticket, and have it set to pass fees on to the ticket purchaser. The purchaser of this ticket will see a total of $53.43. $50 will go straight into youSoccerStub to cover all costs (even processing fees). You get the entire $50 price of the ticket, and nothing else is taken out later. Period.
Our processing costs are 2.75% and $0.30 per transaction. That’s lower than the rates industry standards like Paypal and Stripe charge, and we direct deposit all funds directly into your bank account within 48 hours!
Refunds and chargebacks are the only time our terms of service even let us take money out of your account! In the case of a refund (approved by you) we’ll take the purchase amount back out of your account. In the case of chargebacks (rare) the chargeback amount and chargeback fee ($25) will be taken out of your account. If you choose to fight the chargeback and win (or the case is dropped) you’ll receive the transaction amount back in your bank account.
Nope. We don’t charge you any other fees. No PCI fees, no authorization fees, no account-on-file fees, no statement fees… NOTHING!
We only make money if you’re making money. So if it’s a free ticket, you’ll never see any fee from us!
No. That’s silly. Ticket printing is always free. You have to buy your own printer, but feel free to hit “Print” as many times as you like.
We don’t charge for cash transactions! The ability to keep track of all of your transactions on one system is just an added benefit of using SoccerStub.
1-2 business days after the transaction occurs. That’s wicked fast compared to other services which make you wait until 1-2 weeks AFTER THE EVENT ENDS to send you your money! Don’t wait.
Nope! We create a full payment account for you (and at no cost!) Whenever you’re ready to start accepting payments, just click “Accept Payments” from the admin area and we’ll instantly set up your payment account.