Made for USL League Two Soccer.

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Ticketing & Payments With a Kick: Built for the United Soccer League.

The power of the Passage Ticketing platform, customized for USL League Two. Take control of all of your ticket, merchandise, and concession sales both online and at-the-door, all while reaching more fans and making more money.

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Tired of having five different payment systems for all of your revenue streams? We are too. Simplify your life by using Passage to keep everything on one platform.

All of your payments in one place:

  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Online Merchandise Sales
  • Online Season Ticket & Bundle Sales
  • At-the-Door Ticket Sales
  • At-the-Door Merchandise Sales
  • At-the-Door Concession Sales


Not everything has to be difficult. With Passage you can get set up and selling tickets in a matter of minutes.


  • 60-Second Sign Up
  • Get Paid Within Two Business Days of Every Sale
  • No Outside Payment Account Needed
  • Concierge Support In Case You Get Stuck

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Made for Soccer

Made For Soccer

Passage built the SoccerStub platform with soccer teams in mind. Not only do we have custom features just for soccer, but we also advertise directly to soccer fans around the world, putting YOUR event directly in front of fans near you.


  • Multiple Price-Points (Students, Seniors, Etc)
  • Digital and Physical Season Passes
  • Ticket/Merchandise Bundles
  • Flex-Passes ("Pick any 3 of these 10 games for a discount!"!
  • Merchandise Sales (Up-Sell & Stand-Alone)
  • Lightning-Fast Ticket Scanning (0.2s) to Keep Wait Times Down
  • General Admission, Sectional, or Assigned Seating

Reach More Fans, Near and Far


The world is a crazier place every day. With Passage, you can be assured you'll be able to keep your fans safe and connect with them whether in your stadium or viewing remotely.

  • Sell tickets for in-person AND virtual (live-stream) access to the same event
  • In-Person:
    • Control in-person access with timed ticketing to keep crowds separated
    • Enable virtual queues to eliminate lines wherever possible
    • Dynamically block seats and limit group-size for social-distance seating
  • Virtual / Live-Stream Access:
    • Protect live-stream access with robust security (only those who purchase tickets get to watch)
    • In-stream chat and donation options for live-stream access
    • Offer upsells throughout the experience
  • And more....


Passage serves up over FIVE MILLION views to vertical-specific event-seekers all over the country. Whether you're running a sporting event, a virtual concert, a comedy showcase, a cooking class, a fitness workshop, or something else, we put your event in front of your most likely fans to help you sell more tickets!

    made for soccer.

    A Special Deal for USL League Two Teams

    UWS Soccer
    USL2 Exclusive Offer

    As the official ticketing partner of USL League Two, Passage is excited to provide USL2 teams with the best we have to offer!

    1. Full access to a USL2-customized ticketing portal. All the soccer-specific power of Passage's SoccerStub platform, customized for UWS and living at

    2. Exposure to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of soccer fans. We'll be working with the USL to drive soccer fans around the US to USL2 Tickets. When they're searching near you, we'll show them your matches first!

    3. One FREE Bluetooth mobile credit card reader so you can use Passage to sell tickets, merchandise, and even concessions at-the-door as well as online! Just use the code "USL2FREE" when checking out for the Chipper Bluetooth Card Reader here.

    4. Concierge set-up. This is the big one: we know you're busy and we want to take a load off of your plate. Simply send us your schedule and match details, and we'll build out every match page so you can start selling right away.  All at zero cost to you!

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